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May 3, 2024
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Do you need to repossess a motor vehicle? Are you looking for a nationwide field agency for skip tracing, debtor interviews and floor plan audits?

We provide nationwide field services for the finance, commercial and government sector, including tracing, interviews, asset recoveries (repossessions) and floor plan audits.

Our nationwide field services assists our clients to reconnect with their clients. We often carry out tracing and field visits for unsecured loans, mortgages and finance agreements.

The Neill Group (TNG) has been achieving results throughout New Zealand with hundreds of companies who continue to use our range of nationwide field services.

Our people are recruited exclusively from the defence forces, private security and law enforcement sectors, including former bailiffs and police officers.

Our licensed repossession agents throughout New Zealand comply with all legal and legislative requirements including the Credit (Repossession) Act 1997.

TNG Field Agents

Our field agents often work in complex and challenging environments. We are engaged by clients to interact with people who best respond to a physical visit, including:

  • Gang members
  • Habitual debtors
  • Evasive customers
  • Diverse life styles
  • Mental and health issues
  • Literacy and communication issues

Nationwide Field Visits

We carry out field visits throughout every region of New Zealand for a growing number of commercial and government clients. A field visit is often required for:

  • Debt negotiation
  • Pre-repossession
  • Identity verifications
  • Credit risk assessments
  • Confirmation of personal information
  • Inspection of assets and secured property

Examples of our achievements

Christchurch earthquake

We were engaged to physically visit our community’s most vulnerable people following the devastating Christchurch earthquake. We rapidly deployed over 30 field agents and private investigators to visit people, assess property damage and offer professional assistance in one of the most challenging working environments.

Recovering the impossible.

After negotiations to collect the arrears failed, we repossessed a large spa pool from the rear of an executive’s property. We used a local crane operator, flat deck truck, and civil engineer to assist in repossessing the spa pool.

Results in under 8 hours.

We acted with urgency to provide a large finance company with the transparency they were seeking by auditing a motor vehicle dealership.

Fishing boat located and repossessed.

The last known location was thought to be the Marlborough sounds, we traced the vessel, employed a qualified skipper, and relocated the vessel to a secure location.

Missing food truck traced and repossessed.

After two repossession agents failed to locate a hidden food truck by a habitual debtor in the Manawatu region, our investigations confirmed its location. The food truck was recovered within 6 hours of receiving instructions and recovered without incident.

Over 100 vehicles traced and repossessed.

On instructions from a receiver, we instructed our team to locate over 100 motor vehicles throughout New Zealand. Our repossession agents dealt with several “anti-social people”, despite threats and intimidation, we recovered over 80% of the motor vehicles (the balance could not be recovered due to mechanical and intentional damage).

Goal achieved! $100k deficit to zero in just under 3 months.

In less than 3 months our field team managed a finance company’s deficit of $100k to zero.

Audits, Field Visits & Debtor Interviews

Our field services team have many years of front line experience interacting with people who respond best to a personal visit, including those with addiction, learning difficulties and mental health issues. We typically carry out field visits to confirm a debtor’s address, employment situation, financial circumstances and ability to repay your loan or finance agreement.

Our field agents have detected theft, fraud and other acts of dishonesty when deployed on a field based assignment. We also provide a nationwide auditing service, including floor plans for reputable lending and financial institutions. If you are seeking a reliable, professional and cost-effective field based solution, contact The Neill Group (TNG) for a no obligation consultation.

Licensed Repossession Agents – Asset Recovery (Repossessions)

The Neill Group (TNG) are government licensed as private investigators, repossession agents and security providers. We are widely recognised as a market leader in asset recovery and motor vehicles repossessions for a number of major banks, financial organisations and reputable lending institutions.

Through the accumulation of extensive field experience, professional training, and a thorough understanding of the latest regulatory guidelines, we accept the most challenging of repossession assignments. We have traced and repossessed aircraft, spa pools, motor vehicles, marine vessels, consumer goods and industrial equipment.

Our licensed repossession agents have the skills, tenacity and professionalism to achieve a positive result. By fully preparing a repossession strategy based on detailed investigation, client instructions and adherence to compliance requirements, we ensure that our team are fully prepared to deliver a positive result.