The Neill Group is proudly owned and operated by New Zealanders. Do you have a problem or situation that security, covert surveillance or private investigation could solve?


Our founder, Dion Neill is Wellington's longest-serving private investigator and one of New Zealand's most experienced security providers. His career began with a period of service in the New Zealand defence forces followed by advanced training with former detectives, police officers, military specialists and intelligence operatives. During his time at the Royal New Zealand Police College, he gained a Certificate in Investigation Skills. Dion has also been certified as a fraud examiner and has achieved a Diploma of Security and Risk Management (Australia) along with a number of other internationally recognised credentials.

Proudly 100% owned and operated by New Zealanders, The Neill Group are Wellington's leading providers of security, legal support, private investigation and professional field services. We operate the largest network of field agents, licensed private investigators, security professionals and process servers (legal document servers) in New Zealand. We also have an extensive global network of contacts, resources and confidential informants to provide solutions to particularly complex problems. Using our significant knowledge of people, locations, information and organisations caches, we are able to conduct discreet field assignments and private investigations.


Why choose us?

  • A number of our team members are sourced from the defence forces, intelligence community, law enforcement and private security sector.
  • We operate New Zealand's largest network of field agents, private investigators, security professionals and process servers (legal document servers).
  • Our people are vetted, police approved and government licensed; we carry out background and criminal history checks prior to their engagement. 
  • We are widely respected for our tenacity, knowledge and commitment to providing exceptional results with a high-level of service.
  • Our operational capabilities are extensive; we manage hundreds of nationwide security, private investigations and field assignments every year.

We offer a genuine commitment to delivering exceptional service with integrity and the highest level of professionalism. Our people act within the law at all times and are governed by a strict code of ethics and professional standards. Each team contributes to a huge resource of collective experience from the defence forces and law enforcement sector. All of our people are professionally trained and government licensed. They have carefully selected for their proven resilience, unique skill sets and operational expertise. We offer clients a genuine commitment to delivering exceptional service with integrity and the highest level of professionalism. 

Are you Google searching for 'Wellington private investigator' or 'New Zealand private investigators'? When looking for a 'private investigator' in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch or anywhere in New Zealand, we urge you to be vigilant, act with caution and safeguard your reputation. Always ask to see referrals, certifications and recognised qualifications.

We are New Zealand's most experienced field agents, private investigators, security professionals and process servers (legal document servers). 


We operate New Zealand's largest network of highly-experienced field agents, private investigators, security professionals and process servers (legal document servers). We offer private, commercial and government clients a single source, one-stop shop for security, legal support, process serving, private investigation and field based assignments. Please don't hesitate to reach out, contact us in confidence, we will deliver a bespoke solution to manage any issue or concern. 

Field services

A personal visit by a professional field agent is a proven method to ensure compliance of legal and contractual obligations. As licensed private investigators, The Neill Group provides a range of professional field services, including audits, surveillance, repossessions, asset recoveries and the investigation of criminal offences. We have been carrying out field based assignments since 1987, our nationwide network of highly-experienced agents extends over every region of New Zealand. 

Private investigations  

Qualified former detectives with decades of front-line investigation experience. Our private investigators are highly proficient with investigating suspected dishonesty in a business or personal relationship, including theft, fraud and infidelity (cheating partners). The objective is always to reveal the truth and deliver the facts so you can make an informed decision without speculation or a lengthy game of deception.  

Legal document serving

Dion Neill served his first legal document in 1987! Our nationwide court approved legal document servers are ready to take on any challenge and work assiduously to deliver your dissolution of marriage (divorce) applications, legal documents and court proceedings, respectfully and professionally. With hundreds of documents served in Wellington and in every region of New Zealand every year, you can be confident that we will personally deliver your legal documents, on time, every time.

Professional security 

Our associates at Protective Services are challenging the security industry's status quo by raising the benchmark for service delivery and professional standards. Protective Services provides licensed security guards, security consultants, crowd controllers, personal protection officers (bodyguards) and event security personnel. For more information, please visit the website of Protective Services - Professional Security. 

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Ethics, Integrity & Professional Conduct
We operate with a strict code of ethics, integrity and professional conduct. 


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