New Zealand Field Agents, document servers, security specialists & PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS Since 1987

The Neill Group is Wellington's leading provider of nationwide field services, document serving and private investigations.

We are based in Wellington and operate the largest network of field agents, private investigators and process servers (legal document servers) in New Zealand with services provides from Kaitaia to Bluff. We also utilise an extensive global network of contacts, resources and confidential informants to provide solutions to particularly complex problems. Using our significant knowledge of people, locations, information caches and organisations, we are able to caches which are utilised to conduct discreet investigations and field assignments.

Our founder, Dion Neill is Wellington's longest-serving private investigator and one of New Zealand's most experienced security professionals. His career began with a period of service in the New Zealand defence forces, followed by advanced training by former military specialists, senior police officers and government intelligence operatives. During his time at the Royal New Zealand Police College, he gained a Certificate in Investigation Skills. Dion has also been certified as a fraud examiner, and has achieved a Diploma of Security and Risk Management (Australia), along with a number of other internationally recognised credentials. 

Our people act within the law at all times, and we are governed by a strict code of ethics and professional standards. Each team member contributes to a huge resource of collective experience from the armed forces and law enforcement sector. All of our people are professionally trained and government licensed. They , we have carefully selected our people for their proven resilience, unique skill sets and operational expertise. We offer our clients a genuine commitment to delivering exceptional service with integrity and the highest level of professionalism.

Why The Neill Group?

  • Our people are sourced from the security, defence forces, intelligence and law enforcement sector.
  • The Neill Group operates New Zealand's largest network of process servers and private investigators. 
  • Our agents have a high-level of EQ, we treat people with respect, empathy and a balanced level of firmness.
  • We have 30 + years of front line operational experience within New Zealand and internationally.
  • Our people are vetted and government licensed; we carry out background checks prior to their engagement. 
  • We use GPS technology and file management software to provide updates in real time, live from the field.
  • Dion Neill is authorised to serve criminal documents pursuant to the Summary Proceedings Act 1957.
  • We apply methodologies based on recognised best practice with robust processes and standard operating procedures.
  • Our capabilities are extensive; we manage hundreds of nationwide investigations and field assignments every year.

Our top 10 services

  • Tracing 
  • Field visits
  • Asset recovery
  • Debtor interviews
  • Covert surveillance 
  • Intelligence gathering 
  • Legal document serving 
  • Security and risk management 
  • Commercial and private investigations 
  • Fraud, theft and dishonesty investigations

Are you Google searching for 'private investigator Wellington', 'private investigator Auckland' or 'private investigator Christchurch'? When looking for a PI in New Zealand, we urge you to be vigilant, act with caution and safeguard your reputation. Always ask to see referrals, certifications and recognised qualifications before you brief a so-called personal investigator. We also suggest you do not rely on Google reviews. We have discovered that a number of our competitors are using fabricated Google reviews to gain the trust and confidence of prospective clients. Google reviews can be written by the same reviewer using various aliases. Google reviews can also be purchased from companies on the internet. 

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Client confidentiality

Trust is an important element of our client relationships. Our agents and associates must sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement prior to deployment on any operational assignment. 

Government licensing

We are approved by the New Zealand police and licensed by the Ministry of Justice (PSPLA) as providers of security, repossession and private investigation services throughout New Zealand. 

Community support

We are committed to paying it forward by supporting community-based charities, including GoodSAM, Life Flight Trust, CrimeStoppers and Flashlight (supporting first responders through PTSD).  

Professional memberships

Dion Neill was a foundation and executive member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators until 2020. We support our industry in New Zealand and worldwide. We are members of ASIS International, New Zealand Security Association, World Association of Detectives and the  World Association for the Service of Process.

Testimonials - what do our clients say? 

We have a number of 5 star reviews with Bark, Google, Trustpilot and awarded. #1 Wellington Private Investigators from Top Reviews and #1 Best Private Detectives from Star of Service. Dion Neill is a finalist for the 2021 New Zealand Security Awards. Please view our testimonials page or contact us for more information.


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Media features 

Dion Neill has contributed to 'A Current Affair' (Channel 9 - Australia), TVNZ and Sky Crime series, 'Private Investigators' and TV One Breakfast (protecting high-profile people). Dion has featured in Law Talk (NZ Law Society), AA Directions, Security Oz, New Zealand Security, The Investigator, The Dominion Post and The New Zealand Herald.  

Links to articles

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Field Recovery Agents

We provide a range of field-based services, including: audits, field visits, interviews, chattel inspections and identity verifications.

As licensed repossession agents, we are engaged to recover assets and motor vehicles that are subject to a loan or finance agreement.  

We have experience working  in sensitive environments. We will always safeguard the integrity of our clients brand, company and reputation.

Private Investigators

Dion Neill is Wellington's longest serving field agent, process server and licensed private investigator.

A number of our private investigators are qualified former detectives and senior police officers with significant investigation experience.

We have been catching thieves, fraudsters and cheating partners for over three decades. We are widely known as experts in surveillance and intelligence gathering. 

Security Specialists

Our licensed security professionals provide security consulting and risk management services to private, commercial and government clients throughout New Zealand.

We deliver close personal protection to film talent, music artists, sports teams, court witnesses, corporate executives and private individuals. If you require trained and licensed security guards, we recommend Platform 4 Group.


  •  We operate New Zealand's largest network of field agents, private investigators and process servers (legal document servers). 
  •  Our latest GPS technology and file management software provide live updates in real time from the field.
  •  We apply investigation methodologies based on recognised best practice with robust standard operating procedures.
  •  Our associates are former members of the New Zealand defence forces, law enforcement and intelligence sectors. 
  •  Our agents are vetted, police approved and licensed by the Ministry of Justice (Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority). 

Licensing and compliance 

The Neill Group is the approved trading name for Dion Neill (individual licence holder number: 11-000153). The Neill Group's contracted security providers, private investigators and repossession agents in Wellington and throughout New Zealand hold a current licence or certificate of approval.   

The Neill Group complies with legal and statutory regulatory requirements, including the New Zealand Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010. Dion Neill is licensed by the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA) to provide security, repossession and investigation services.

Dion Neill is authorised by the New Zealand Courts to serve criminal documents pursuant to the Summary Proceedings Act 1957. The Neill Group operates all security, personal protection and risk management services within the framework of the New Zealand Government Protective Security Requirements (PSR).

Community support

 The Manukau District Crime Watch Patrols (MDCWP)    Home - Heart for Causes

Professional memberships