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Wherever you are in New Zealand, The Neill Group (TNG) will provide you with the best licensed field agents, private investigators, repossession agents, process servers (legal document servers) and security risk management professionals.


Welcome to The Neill Group (TNG), we provide a diverse range of para-legal support, private investigation, security risk management and professional field services. We provide our clients with a true nationwide reach with operational hubs in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

We operate New Zealand's largest network of licensed field agents, private investigators, repossession agents, process servers (legal document servers) and security risk management professionals. Regardless of the scale or complexity of any assignment completed by The Neill Group (TNG), our key objective is to produce results that will exceed our client’s expectations.

Our people act within the law at all times, and are governed by a strict code of ethics. Each team member contributes to a significant resource of collective experience from the defence forces, intelligence and law enforcement sector. They have been carefully selected for their resilience, unique skill sets and proven operational expertise. We offer every client a genuine commitment to delivering exceptional service with integrity and professionalism.

"We are committed to working together in a transparent partnership with every client regardless of size or stature. The bespoke services we provide are not static, they evolve with the needs of our clients" Dion Neill, Founder & Licence Holder - The Neill Group (TNG)

Field Services 

We visit a client or debtor to establish their financial means and intentions of repaying debts. Examples may include third party drivers who fail to make or keep contact with insurers, debtors who ignore their responsibilities or avoid clients or companies who fail to maintain contact with suppliers after failing a scheduled payment date. On such occasions we attend and gather the relevant details and encourage debtors to either contact clients direct and reschedule payments or warn them of impending legal action.

We are not only licensed as private investigators, we are also licensed by the Ministry of Justice (PSPLA) as repossession agents. We are approved field agents and process servers for a number of responsible lenders, financial institutions and government agencies. Unfortunately, in the current financial climate, more private borrowers fall into arrears with their scheduled payments and as such the bank or other financial institution decide to repossess the goods or security property.

Our agents are sensitive to the circumstances and are well trained in conflict resolution in such cases and handle each matter with great care thus avoiding any embarrassment to the client or negative brand reputation. We aim to complete all asset repossession inquiries swiftly and easily, maintaining a high level of professionalism at all times.

Private Investigations

Are you searching for a professional and cost-effective private investigator in Wellington or New Zealand? We can help. Dion Neill and his team have been identifying and investigating abusers, scammers, thieves, fraudsters and deceptive partners since 1987 in Wellington and across New Zealand. The Neill Group (TNG) has a unique ability to seek out information and find the answers to complex issues.

Our private investigators (often referred to as PI's, private eyes or private detectives) have a vast knowledge of New Zealand places, organisations and information caches which are regularly of use in conducting investigations and related inquiry work in Wellington and throughout New Zealand. We take pride in delivering our private, commercial and government clients precisely what they need, in the manner in which they most need it. 

Clients find themselves in the position of having to locate either debtors, witnesses or respondents in legal matters. We specialise in tracing such individuals to enable the legal process to be completed. We locate people not only in New Zealand but worldwide using our extensive resources including databases, information caches and confidential informants.

Surveillance & Intelligence Gathering

The Neill Group's private investigators specialise in surveillance, undercover operations and intelligence gathering. Our surveillance team are qualified former detectives, police officers and intelligence operatives who are professionally trained in surveillance (static and mobile).

The Neill Group (TNG) works alongside the best team of surveillance specialists who are trained as true surveillance experts. We have a customised surveillance vehicle with full recording capabilities based on industry recognised best practice. Our covert cameras are the latest technology, evidence from our cameras are used in civil and criminal matters. 

Process Serving (Legal Document Serving)

Our process servers have many years of experience serving documents in every region of New Zealand. We pride ourselves on having an excellent track record where clients have come to us having previously been unsuccessful in serving an individual because of evasion or simply lack of resources. The Neill Group (TNG) serves legal documents, court proceedings and dissolution of marriage (divorce) applications.

Our process servers are trained and experienced in the correct delivery of documents. We also provide tracing services should the document recipient or defendant prove to be difficult to locate. With process servers and private investigators based throughout New Zealand along with a number of international associates, we have the ability to serve your documents anywhere in the world.

Security Risk Management  

We facilitate bespoke security and risk management services, working on the basis that prevention is better than cure. Problem solving in partnership with our clients is at the heart of what we do. Our commitment is to gather and information and create practical solutions to mitigate and manage risk. The leadership of Dion Neill who has extensive international and New Zealand experience in high risk and challenging environments, where mistakes may well result in damage to reputation's or commercial damage.

We also have the ability to facilitate security and risk management services for private functions, weddings, VIP events and other occasions that require high-level security (not a typical security guard). For more information, please click here to visit our associates at Prosec.

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5 facts

1.  Dion Neill, our founder is one of New Zealand's longest serving field agents, process servers, private investigators and security professionals. 

2.  We have invested in the latest GPS technology and file management software to provide clients with live updates directly from the field.

3.  Our licensed private investigators apply investigation methodologies based on recognised best practice and robust operating procedures.

4.  We engage associates throughout New Zealand who are sourced from the defence forces, law enforcement and intelligence sectors. 

5.  The Neill Group (TNG) operates New Zealand's largest network of field agents, process servers, private investigators, repossession agents and security risk management professionals.

Licensing and compliance

The Neill Group (TNG) is the approved trading name of Dion Neill - licensed in New Zealand by the Ministry of Justice (Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority) as personal guards, property guards, security consultants, crowd controllers, monitoring officers, private investigators, repossession agents and confidential document destruction agents.

The Neill Group (TNG) complies with the New Zealand Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010. The security risk management services offered by The Neill Group (TNG) operate to the New Zealand and Australian Security Risk Management framework (AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009) and is aligned to the New Zealand Government's Protective Security Requirements.

As a service-centric agency, we have implemented an internationally  recognised quality assurance (QA) programme to provide the framework for business continuity, nationwide operational capability and management requirements. Our quality assurance framework provides an additional layer of transparency and accountability to our clients throughout New Zealand. 


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