Professional Security

Not just security guards, our high-calibre security team are police and military trained. Contact us about our security, personal protection and risk management services.

The carefully selected team of private security personnel at The Neill Group (TNG) are more than than professionally trained, highly-skilled and licensed security guards, security consultants, crowd controllers and event security specialists.

Under the leadership of Dion Neill, The Neill Group (TNG) has extensive international experience in providing high level security, personal protection and risk management services in challenging environments.

Dion is one of New Zealand’s recognised experts in high-level security, personal protection and risk management. He received the New Zealand defence forces service medal along with recognition of his time working in the world’s most volatile regions.

He was awarded a number of security related credentials, including a Diploma of Security and Risk Management (Australia). He is a certified instructor and qualified facilitator in executive care, conflict management, situational awareness and close personal protection.

Dion was a finalist of the 2021 New Zealand Security Awards and OSPAS (2022 & 2023 Outstanding Security Performance Awards). His level of decades of experience, service delivery and high-level of professionalism is recognised on the world stage.

In 1987, Dion established his career in the New Zealand security industry. He was professionally trained in New Zealand and internationally by former senior police officers, military personnel and intelligence specialists.

Dion’s operational experience is vast, he provides a security consulting and risk management service. He also works with event and venue management company’s along with a number of corporate, commercial and government clients.

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What is the difference? Security Guard vs. Security Professional

In the private security industry, there is a significant difference between a security guard and security professional. “You get what you pay for” is relevant to the New Zealand security industry.

Security guards in New Zealand are only required to complete basic mandatory training to obtain a certificate of approval (COA). Security professionals are extensively trained in every aspect of providing security, including executive care and close personal protection.

The range of specialised security, personal protection and risk management solutions delivered by the security professionals of The Neill Group (TNG) extend beyond a standard guarding or typical security guard service.

The Neill Group (TNG) engages true security professionals who are licensed by the Ministry of Justice and have a unique skill set and proven operational capabilities. Our security professionals are sourced exclusively from the defence forces and law enforcement sector.

When you need more than just a security guard or guarding service, Dion and his team of trusted associates have the skill set, professional training and operational experience to help.

High-Level Security, Personal Protection & Risk Management

At The Neill Group (TNG), we deliver a range of nationwide professional security, risk management and personal protection services including, but not limited to:

  • Executive care
  • Security audits
  • Travel escorts
  • Security reviews
  • Risk assessments
  • Security consulting
  • Personal protection
  • Security management

The Neill Group (TNG) offers a unique approach to your private security, personal protection and risk management requirements.

Risk management

We have developed a high-level risk management service with operational procedures to manage your risk. Our commitment is to gather and interpret information, apply robust analysis and develop practical solutions to mitigate risk.

Security consulting

Contact us about your security requirements, we provide a nationwide security consulting and risk management service to safeguard your people anywhere in New Zealand or internationally.

Event and venue security

Event security is more than hiring security guards for an event. It requires a considered multi-layered approach to security planning and risk management to effectively safeguard guests, assets, and the venue. We provide every client with a highly visible or discreet security presence.

Executive care and personal protection 

Dion is one of only a few security professionals in New Zealand who specialise in providing executive care and close personal protection (commonly referred to as a bodyguard). Dion and his carefully selected team of security professionals have the capability of providing high-level security and protection services beyond the capability of a security guard.