Prosec Solutions Limited (Prosec) – Security Guards, Security Consultants, Personal Protection Officers & Event Security Personnel (Wellington)

November 9, 2023
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Prosec Solutions Limited (Prosec) – Security Guards, Security Consultants, Personal Protection Officers & Event Security Personnel (Wellington).

You can trust the team at Prosec Solutions to keep you safe anywhere in New Zealand.

Are you searching for trained security guards, government licensed security consultants or personal protection officers (commonly referred to as bodyguards) in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch? The team of security and risk management professionals at Prosec Solutions Limited (Prosec) are ready to assist you.

More than just security guards, Prosec delivers a range of high-level security, executive care, personal protection and risk management services. We have operational support offices in the main centres with a proven ability to deploy our people anywhere in New Zealand. Our experience working alongside mainstream security guard companies prompted us to offer a fresh, innovative and professional service proposition.


Professional Security.

Not just security guards, we have taken special care to recruit the very best people sourced from the New Zealand defence forces and law enforcement sector. We appreciate that our people have to be compatible with our clients, so our security personnel are carefully selected to reflect your culture. We provide security guards, crowd controllers, event security teams and venue security personnel.

Specialised Services.

We have a team of specialists who have decades of experience providing high-level security and risk management services within New Zealand and internationally. Let us provide the peace of mind you are seeking, contact us for a bespoke security and risk management solution that is right for you. We provide government licensed security consultants, security trained drivers and covert surveillance teams.

Executive Care & Personal Protection.

Our team are recruited from the police diplomatic protection service and specialist operational units from the defence forces. Our people have protected celebrities, music artists, film talent, government officials and high-net worth individuals. We provide travel security escorts, residential security teams, personal protection officers and executive protection personnel.

Introducing Dion Neill, Founder & Managing Director.

Dion Neill is a certified instructor in conflict management and qualified facilitator for personal safety, executive protection and situational awareness. training. He was a finalist of the 2021 New Zealand Security Awards and Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAS) in 2022 and 2023.

In 1987, Dion established his career in the security industry following service in the New Zealand defence forces and emergency services. Dion continues to serve the community as a volunteer first responder and community based educator with St John (CPR & Basic Life Support instructor).

In 1989, Dion provided security to a prominent business owner who received serious threats of violence. This assignment was the catalyst for Dion to launch Protective Services to the market. Protective Services was acquired by an international security company in 2021.

Dion is a proud recipient of the New Zealand Defence Forces service medal, St John long service medal and long service award from the Wellington Free Ambulance. He is widely recognised as one of New Zealand’s most experienced licensed private investigators and security professionals.

Dion was professionally trained to provide high-level security, personal protection and risk management in the USA, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. He is supported by a team of licensed security professionals sourced from the defence forces and law enforcement sector.

Dion was awarded a Certificate in Investigation Skills by the Royal New Zealand Police College, National Certificate in Security to Level IV, Certificate in Security Operations to Level IV (Australia) and Diploma of Security and Risk Management along with other recognised credentials.


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