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Cost-effective and professional legal document serving by New Zealand's experienced process servers. Our reputation for successful process serving is rock solid. Our vetted and experienced process servers (legal document servers) in Wellington and across every region of New Zealand will professionally serve your legal documents, court proceedings and dissolution of marriage (divorce) applications.

Our process servers deliver a diverse range of legal documents that often require an individual to attend a court hearing. Our document serving team are ready to take on any challenge and will work assiduously to deliver your legal documents, on time, every time. With time-critical documents and a fast-approaching court deadline, you need a reliable process server who can serve your documents quickly and in accordance with the rules of service.

With thousands of documents served across New Zealand and worldwide every year, you can be confident that we will professionally deliver your documents without fail. The Neill Group has been awarded a number of significant contracts to provide document serving throughout New Zealand. Why do clients select us? Because we are widely recognised for our high success rate, vast experience, knowledge of legal process and investment in the latest technology.

We serve legal documents, court proceedings and dissolution of marriage (divorce) applications in every region of New Zealand. 


Are you Google searching for 'process server Wellington', 'legal document server Wellington', 'process servers New Zealand' or 'legal document servers New Zealand'? When looking for a process server or document server to serve your legal documents, court proceedings and dissolution of marriage (divorce) applications in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or anywhere else in New Zealand, we urge you to be vigilant, act with caution and safeguard your reputation.

Do not rely on Google reviews. We have shown that a number of our competitors are using fabricated Google reviews to gain the trust and confidence of prospective clients. Google reviews can be written by the same reviewer using various aliases and fictitious online identities; they can also be purchased from SEO and online marketing companies. Please note: Dion Neill and The Neill Group are not associated with Reon Viles or Wellington Investigations 2013 Limited.            

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What sets us apart from other process servers in New Zealand? 

  • Our experienced nationwide process serving team will serve your documents               in a professional manner to withstand any legal scrutiny. 
  • We provide the most competitive fee structure for document serving anywhere          in New Zealand with special rates for our loyal clients.  
  • The Neill Group uses a recognised quality management (QA) system to ensure         our continuous innovation, improvement and service delivery.               
  • We are New Zealand's most experienced process servers. We know how to serve legal process in accordance with the rules of service. 
  • We invest in the latest technology and software to assist us in managing your process serving requirements across any region of New Zealand. 
  • The Neill Group are licensed by the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority  (PSPLA) as security consultants, private investigators and repossession agents.

We use the latest technology in real time from the field

Our online system gives you access to our process servers notes and documents during the course of your document serving assignment. We will send you an invitation to collaborate with us, you can then upload your documents and share any notes. You can view the progress of your assignment without sending an email or picking up the phone. Our customised technology provides you with live updates in real time and captures service details using a GPS verified time stamp.

All requests to the web application, even this document and marketing pages, are managed in a secure online system using an SSL connection with 256-bit encryption, similar to what banks use to encrypt financial information while in transport over the internet. file management system is engineered from the ground up with security and data integrity as a top priority. All uploaded documents are backed up and versioned, encryption at rest also protects the data in the event of a physical compromise.         

What is a process server?

A process server is someone who personally delivers notifications of impending legal action or court proceedings. Process servers may serve notifications on a variety of legal proceedings. The process server must prove the legal documents were served on the recipient or defendant, this is usually accomplished by swearing an affidavit of service. The service of process occurs when a process server delivers the legal documents to an individual or defendant named in the court proceedings. 

What is process serving?

Process serving is the service of a summons, court proceedings, dissolution of marriage (divorce) applications or other legal documents. Recipients and defendants who are the subject of legal process must be personally notified, this notification is known as the service of process. Depending on the nature of the case, the documents are required to be served personally on a recipient or defendant by a process server within the time stipulated by the courts, this allows the recipient or defendant time to respond. 

Serving legal documents and court proceedings 

Process servers will visit the last known residential address or known workplace of a recipient to personally serve the documents. Due to the time sensitive nature of the documents they deliver, our process servers will always act with urgency. Process servers are an essential part of the legal process, because improperly served court proceedings can result in a delay in the legal process. District Court Act, click here. 

If a process server is unable to serve the documents, they may also utilise a “substituted service.” This means delivering the documents to an individual at the address where the defendant or recipient is known to reside, with the understanding that the substitute will notify the defendant or recipient of the documents. A process server may also be able to deliver a notice to another employee at the defendants or recipients workplace.

35 years of experience serving legal documents, including:          

  • District court documents
  • Family court documents
  • High court documents
  • Employment court documents
  • Child custody orders
  • Tenancy eviction notices
  • Dissolution of marriage applications
  • Family protection orders
  • Court summonses
  • Bankruptcy notices
  • Demand notices
  • Trespass notices
  • Property law act notices
  • Orders for examination
  • Charging documents
  • International court subpoenas
  • Company receivership documents
  • Sensitive personal or commercial documents
  • Pre-possession notices
  • Repossession warrants

Secure document couriers - New Zealand and worldwide 

We are more than process servers who serve legal documents. We offer a courier service for sensitive, time-critical and confidential documents throughout New Zealand and worldwide. Our carefully vetted former police and military specialists will personally deliver your documents to the intended recipient or location. We use the most advanced technology to ensure your documents are protected with the highest-level of physical and electronic security at all times. New Zealand legal firms, government agencies and corporate entities utilise trust our secure document courier service.

We serve New Zealand and international divorce documents

How to apply for a divorce

When you apply for a divorce, you need to complete an application for dissolution of marriage. This information is available from your local Family Court. The Family Court will process your application and give you a set of documents that need to be given to your ex-partner by someone else (not you).

You will need to ask the Family Court to make a decision. This is known as applying for an order. If you are applying for an order, you (or your lawyer) become responsible for ensuring that your application documents are served on the other person. You meed to employ a process server (legal document server), because you can't serve the documents  yourself.  

Types of New Zealand applications:

1. If both you and your partner want a divorce

If you have grounds to do so, both you and your partner 'ask' the Family Court for a Marriage of Dissolution Order.

Follow this link:  Apply for a divorce - when you both agree.

2. If only one of you wants a divorce

Follow this link: Apply for a divorce - on your own

How to serve a trespass notice

There is no legal requirement to give a trespass notice in writing, however giving a written document reinforces the situation. Also, the recipient cannot say they did not know of the notice and of the requirement to leave and not return. The Neill Group serves trespass notices for private individuals and business owners in Wellington and throughout New Zealand.

Follow this link: Download trespass notice form

There are two ways to deliver a trespass notice - we can assist with the service of a written trespass notice

1. Verbal trespass

If you deliver a trespass notice verbally, it is advisable to record the date and time along with the reason for giving a trespass notice to that person. Also record the name or description of the person asked to leave.

2. Written trespass

If you undertake a written trespass, complete three copies of the trespass notice: one copy for the person you are serving the trespass notice on, one copy for you to keep and one copy to give to the nearest police station or attending police officer, for entering into the police records database

To serve a notice you simply hand it to the person. If they refuse to accept it and it drops on the ground, it is still considered served. Keep that copy and note down that the person refused to accept the notice. You are required to give a reasonable time for the trespasser to leave. If the person stays or takes an unreasonable time, call the police.

What happens when a trespass notice is ignored?

If you have served a trespass notice and the recipient continues to visit your home or business premises, they have committed an offence against the trespass act and can be arrested. It is an offence punishable by a fine not exceeding $1,000.00 or imprisonment not exceeding three months to enter an address that you have been trespassed from within two years from the date of receiving the notice.

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