Serving Legal Documents Since 1987 – New Zealand Process Servers

April 30, 2023
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Serving Legal Documents Since 1987 – New Zealand Process Servers.

We provide fast and cost-effective process serving (legal document serving) in every region of New Zealand from Kaitaia to Bluff including rural and remote areas.

Our regional based team of process servers will professionally serve your legal documents, court proceedings and dissolution of marriage (divorce) applications throughout New Zealand.

The Neill Group (TNG) have regional support offices located in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

Our carefully selected process servers are widely recognised for their experience, high success rate, and extensive knowledge of the legal process.

When you need your legal documents served efficiently, professionally and in accordance with the New Zealand courts rules of service, contact The Neill Group (TNG).

Serving you since 1987.

Tracing services

We have been locating missing people since 1987! Our highly skilled private investigators in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and throughout New Zealand can effectively trace absconded recipients and defendants. If you need a professional, cost-effective and nationwide tracing service, please contact us.

Field based technology 

We have invested in a secure online portal to capture all document serving activities via a GPS timestamp to ensure accountability and complete transparency. Our online portal has several unique features including the ability to send instant notifications of service directly from the field.

All our files are managed in a secure online system using an SSL connection with 256-bit encryption, similar to what major banks use to encrypt financial information. Using world-class technology, we store a GPS timestamp, so there can be no question that your documents were served on the recipient.

Cost-efficient document serving

No more follow up calls, our portal sends instant notifications of all service activities directly to your email. Our clients can access our portal to load their own notes and documents for service, our portal also provides our clients with the ability to view the status of their assignment.

We offer a best fee guarantee, we will match any competitors fee. No hidden costs! you can be assured, the fee we quote you is the fee you’ll pay.

Evidence of service

No disputing service! Every visit is recorded by our process servers using a GPS time stamp in real time. This information can be easily downloaded and used as evidence for service on any individual, business or organisation.

What is a process server?

A process server also known as a document server or legal document server in any country of the world is an individual hired or employed by an applicant to personally deliver (“serve”) legal documents to an individual, company or organisation named in legal or court proceedings.

Our highly skilled process serving team have over three decades of experience serving a range of legal documents, court proceedings and international legal process, including, but not limited to:

  • Demand notices
  • Trespass notices
  • Witness summons
  • Protection orders
  • District Court proceedings
  • High Court proceedings
  • Family Court proceedings
  • International legal process
  • Dissolution of marriage (divorce) applications
  • Charging documents for law enforcement agencies

What is process serving?

The Neill Group (TNG) provides legal, financial and private clients with efficient process serving that is reliable, professional and cost-effective. Even with particularly difficult process serving assignments, our clients can be confident. We have the experience and ability to effect service correctly and in accordance with the New Zealand courts rules of service.

You can be rest assured that if we can’t serve a document, it won’t be served. We have built a reputation over many years for astounding clients by serving evasive defendants and “doing the impossible”.  In cases where documents can’t be served, we provide a record of all service attempts. Consequently, these provide the courts with sufficient evidence for additional orders for substituted service.

The New Zealand Courts require all defendants who are the subject of legal action must be formally notified, this notification is referred to as the service of process. Court proceedings are required to be served personally on a recipient or defendant by a process server. In simple terms, process serving is where a legal document is required to be served personally (by hand) on an individual or a member of a company or organisation.

Legal process can also be served by an order for substituted service for defendants who are evasive and avoiding service. An order for substituted service allows the legal documents to be served on a family member, employer or attached to the front door of the defendants address.

Here are four common terms you will see when dealing with legal documents or court proceedings:
  1. Parties – people (businesses or organisations) involved in a court or legal case.
  2. Applicant / Plaintiff – an applicant is also a plaintiff seeking legal action against a defendant.
  3. Respondent / Defendant – a respondent, usually a defendant is a person, business or organisation who receives the legal documents from a process server.
  4. Process Server – a process server is an independent person or process serving agency (company) who formally serves the court documents on the respondent or defendant for the applicant.