Security alert! COVID crime, are you vulnerable? Dion Neill, licensed security consultant.

April 25, 2023
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When we were in lock down, elements of our society were planning their own strategy for disrupting your business even further. Covid lock down provides an opportunity for offenders to enter your premises, steal your assets (including IP) and potentially cause significant wilful damage.

We know that our business community is increasingly vulnerable when we are at home complying with Covid rules. Unfortunately, during lock down periods an opportunity was presented for offenders to master their craft by learning new ways to commit offences and penetrate your business, not just physically but also online with a marked increase in cyber crime.

As a private investigator and security professional with over 35 years of operational experience, my DNA and training ensures that I am aways thinking “what if”. I often stand in the shoes of an offender to gain a better understanding of vulnerability within a business, including the identification of potential “soft targets” and areas of risk.

Our kiwi mindset and easy going nature often results in a thought process that it will happen to someone else or it wont happen to me. Prevention is better than cure not only to stop the spread of Covid but also to prevent the risk of an offender entering your business.

Please reach out to me if you wish to review your current security, I can immediately provide you with trained and licensed security guards. If you need advice or guidance on preventing crime in your business, I am here to help.