Private Investigations

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The Neill Group (TNG) – Government Licensed Private Investigators in New Zealand Since 1987! We provide services in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and throughout every area and region of New Zealand.

Founder and PSPLA licence holder, Dion Neill is one of New Zealand’s longest established private investigators, he is supported by a team of private investigators selected exclusively from the law enforcement, defence forces and intelligence sector.

With over 35 years of experience, Dion and his team of private investigators are widely recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading providers of surveillance, private investigation and intelligence gathering services.

Not all private investigators are equal. As the saying goes “if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”. Our private investigators have the credentials, experience and skill set to resolve any issue or concern.

The Neill Group (TNG) difference:
  1. We have over 35 years of experience as private investigators.
  2. We will respond to your request with a sense of urgency.
  3. All information provided to us remains 100% confidential.
  4. Our government licensed private investigators are professionally trained.
  5. We operate nationally with unlimited access to a global network of associates.

Private Investigators.

Our team of private investigators in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and throughout New Zealand deliver investigation services with 100% confidentiality.

If you are searching for professional and highly-skilled licensed private investigators then contact us in confidence, we are widely recognised as one of New Zealand’s industry leaders.

We have the expertise, resources and knowledge to carry out our services in New Zealand and globally, we guarantee to respect your privacy and provide absolute confidentiality at all times.

Surveillance Specialists.

Our surveillance experts are professionally trained and highly-skilled in managing complex surveillance and undercover operations within a business, workplace or organisation.

Covert surveillance is a service that is offered to support our private investigation assignments especially in relation to theft, fraud, relationship dishonesty and sensitive personal matters.

No more smoke and mirrors! When you need to know the truth, you can rely on our private investigators and surveillance experts to give you the answers.

We have the proven expertise to help you and your organisation.

Experience matters, our private investigators have over three decades of experience catching thieves, fraudsters, stalkers, online scammers and cheating partners. The private investigation services we provide throughout New Zealand are diverse, we can provide you with a bespoke solution to resolve any concern or challenge you are facing. You can trust our team of highly-skilled private investigators to deliver the right solution to assist you and your organisation.

Fraud, Theft & Dishonesty Investigation Services

Do you suspect dishonesty in your business or workplace? Fraud, theft and other forms of dishonesty inside a business occurs through a lack of internal processes which opens a window of opportunity for dishonesty. The evidence we provide can be used for the basis of a criminal prosecution or legal proceedings.

Sensitive Personal & Private Investigation Services

Do you suspect your partner is being unfaithful? Is your former spouse or partner not adhering to child custody orders? Are you being stalked? We carry out inquiries regarding child custody issues and sensitive personal matters. Are you concerned about your child or family member? We can help.

IP, Copyright & Trade Mark Investigation Services

We investigate the infringement of IP, copyright and trade mark patents. We can assist help you to safeguard the integrity of your brand or company’s reputation. Dion Neill has personally carried out complex investigations for global companies, including: Nike, Sony, Adidas, Armani, and Microsoft.

Insurance Claim Validations & Investigation Services

We act for insurance companies to ensure claims are genuine. Claims can amount to substantial amounts of money, which often requires further inquiries before any form of compensation is made to the insured. We can assist you to confirm the validity of insurance claims and to investigate a claimant who is suspected of misrepresenting the facts.

Drugs, Alcohol & Substance Abuse Investigation Services

Do you suspect your partner, family member or employee of taking drugs or illegal substances? Drugs, alcohol and substance abuse is often the foundation for criminal and anti-social behaviour. We can investigate any concern of drug, alcohol and substance abuse. We also investigate cases of suspected physical and psychological abuse.

Business & Commercial Investigation Services

We offer business owners a comprehensive investigation service to safeguard their business interests. Our modern technology and formidable experience enable us to take on every type of investigation assignment. We will thoroughly investigate, obtain factual information and take evidential statements.

Nationwide Skip Tracing Services

We use proven investigative techniques, including data mining, to gather information on the whereabouts of a missing person. We have a solid track record of successfully locating missing people including debtors, defendants, birth parents and family members anywhere in New Zealand.

Employee Vetting & Pre-Employment Screening

With the tools at our disposal, we provide employers with evidence-based recommendations about prospective employees. Background check on prospective employees or employees in positions of trust can mitigate your risk. If you decide not to carry out these essential checks, it can have a long term negative effect on your clients, business and reputation. 

Cyber (Internet) Investigations

We investigate unauthorised cyber (internet) access and hacking incidents inside a business, organisation and workplace. Our investigation can include unauthorised use of email, servers, computers and other technology without your authority. We also investigate online scams,  harassment and cyberbullying.

Background Checks

Who are you dating or employing? We are often engaged to provide discreet background checks on a business, organisation or private individual. Our inquiries can include career, financial and criminal history. We can also verify professional qualifications and experience. Background checks are essential for people employed in positions of trust.

Asset & Property Tracing

Are you attempting to locate a missing asset or stolen property? We have a lengthy track record of successfully tracing assets and property. This service is often utilised by company receivers and liquidators. We can trace and recover assets throughout New Zealand and internationally using our extensive network of associates.

Criminal Investigation Services

We support criminal prosecution teams and defence counsel (barristers and solicitors) throughout New Zealand who are actively engaged on criminal cases before the courts. Our services in this area includes interviewing, taking statements, locating witnesses and obtaining evidence. We can also provide access to forensic document examiners, certified fraud examiners (CFE) and other specialists.