Protective Services is a Wellington based security provider with decades of operational experience throughout New Zealand. Protective Services is a reliable source for highly-trained Security Guards, Crowd Controllers and Protection Officers sourced exclusively from the armed forces, private security and law enforcement sectors.
Protective Services launched Guard Hire in Wellington to satisfy demands in the marketplace for a reliable, accountable and highly-professional provider of Security Guards and associated private security services. Protective Services is a reliable source for highly-trained licensed Security Guards, Protection Officers, Crowd Controllers and Risk Management Specialists.

Increase Security Guards on Short Notice

Protective Services not only provides highly-trained licensed Security Guards in Wellington, the company also provides an expert level of executive care and close personal protection to visiting Diplomats, Celebrities, Entertainers, Film Talent, Music Artists, Corporate Executives, Sports Teams and high-net worth private clients.

Our robust vetting and recruitment process ensures that only the best people are engaged with our company and deployed to yours. Protective Services provides clients with a range of private security, close personal protection and risk management solutions in Wellington and throughout New Zealand, including, but not limited to:

  • Event Security
  • Static Security
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Venue Security
  • Loss Prevention
  • Alarm Response
  • Asset Prevention
  • Crowd Controlling
  • Close Personal Protection
  • Security Risk Management

Protective Services carries out every aspect of a professional security and guard service from controlling site access, foot or mobile patrolling, static or mobile surveillance and a complete bedding down process. We can also act as a security concierge service and the custodian of your assets, people and infrastructure.

Protective Services offers professional Security Guards who are highly-trained in service delivery. We strive to provide our clients with full confidence in the people charged with protecting their business. Protective Services takes pride in the quality of the Security Professionals that constitute our Wellington Security Guard Service. From corporate offices and industrial sites to embassies and car dealerships, we provide a seamless security solution across the private, commercial and government sector.


Commercial Security

Grasping the unique security requirements of business and commercial security gives Protective Services a distinct edge over our competitors. From concierge to the control room, we know the importance of having a totally integrated professional Security Team to protect your assets, people and infrastructure.


Guardhouse Security

Be it visitors, contractors or employees, we understand the operational requirements to manage effective gatehouse security. Our professional gatehouse security team adapts efficiently to any site operating procedures, ensuring the flow of access on to your site is controlled, and entry-exit procedures are enforced.


Hospitality Security

Protective Services is at the forefront of delivering new and improved services within the area of bar and venue security to the hospitality industry. With a greater emphasis on vigilance and communication, our highly experienced Crowd Controllers have the ability to effectively communicate with the public across a wide variety of situations.


Retail Security

We understand the importance of the retail sector and the role that security plays in ensuring the safety of the millions who visit them each year. With the growing population and expanding retail environment, it’s more vital than ever that establishments provide a safe and secure shopping experience.


Event Security

Protective Services has provided security (overtly and covertly) at an eclectic range of public events and private functions. We can assist with access control, traffic management, asset protection, personal protection and if alcohol is served, responsibility for alcohol monitoring and licensing compliance.

We provide Crowd Controllers and Event Security Teams to provide:

  • Crowd Control
  • Asset Protection
  • Barrier Protection
  • Corporate Security
  • VIP Personal Protection
  • Incident Response Teams
  • Liquor Enforcement Officers

Security Escorts

We escort private, corporate and government clients whilst travelling to any destination within New Zealand or Internationally. On arrival, we will liaise with local authorities and law enforcement agencies to assist in providing safety and protection for our clients.


Corporate Security 

Concierge, or front of house services, require vetted and trained Security Officers who demonstrate outstanding communication skills, immaculate presentation, attention to detail, impeccable service skills and professionalism.

With the security concierge being the first point of reference for your clients and staff, Protective Services engages only the best security trained customer service specialists for this important front line role.


Executive Care & Personal Protection

There are numerous incidents where celebrity fans have caused injury or embarrassment whilst attempting to gain their attention. Our trained and highly skilled Security Professionals and Protection Officers specialise in the personal protection of VIPs, Entertainers, Corporate Executives, Movie Talent, Music Artists and International Celebrities.


The dynamic nature of the threat environment or risk to security demands an intelligent and professional approach before developing and implementing a bespoke security solution. The difference between a Security Guard company and Protective Services is the unique skill set, operational experience and high-caliber of their contracted Security Professionals.

Whether your security requirement are within New Zealand or Internationally, Protective Services can provide you with a level of security and protection delivered by former members of the New Zealand Police Diplomatic Protection Squad (DPS) and specialist members of the Armed Forces, including the Special Air Services (SAS).