professional, high-calibre WELLINGTON security guards


Do you need skilled, professionally-trained security guards in Wellington for events, venues, functions or personal protection? 

We are affiliated with GuardHire by Protective Services, Wellington's leading security guard provider. 

Affiliated with The Neill Group, GuardHire by Protective Services Limited was launched in Wellington to provide gold standard service to clients who demand the very best in security and protection. Guards supplied by Protective Services are licensed by the Ministry of Justice (Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority) as personal guards (bodyguards), property guards, crowd controllers and security consultants. 

Protective Services specialises in providing high-level security, executive care, close personal protection and security risk management. Personal security services are delivered by professionally trained security personnel from specialist units of the defence forces and law enforcement sector. GuardHire personnel can be uniformed or dressed in casual street clothing or if appropriate, formal business attire. For complex security needs, GuardHire can call on Protective Services' security and risk management consultants who have worked in sensitive government environments.

Are you Google searching for 'Wellington security guards' or 'New Zealand security guards'? When looking for a 'security guard provider' or 'security guards' in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch or anywhere in New Zealand, we urge you to be vigilant, act with caution and safeguard your reputation. Always ask to see certifications and references from past clients.

Do not rely on Google reviews. We have shown that a number of competitors are using fabricated Google reviews to gain the trust and confidence of prospective clients. Google reviews can be written by the same reviewer using various aliases and fictitious online identities. Positive reviews can also be purchased from dishonest SEO and digital marketing companies.

Please do not support industry 'cowboys',  ask to see your providers security licence (a certificate of approval is not a licence). If you are in any doubt, contact the Ministry of Justice - Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA) or view the public register of security licence and certificate of approval holders online at PSPLA.  

For more information, please visit Protective Services - Professional Security

Protective services sercurity guard

Event security 

Are you planning a wedding, private party, public event or important function? Through GuardHire by Protective Services, we can provide security that protects your VIP's, guests and employees. Our-professionally-trained people are friendly, engaging and effective. Their experience supports a safe and secure environment for everyone. 

We also provide:

  • Event medics
  • VIP drivers
  • Safety officers
  • Rapid response teams
  • Liquor enforcement officers
  • Risk management consulting
Diplomatic Security

Embassy security 

Our affiliate Protective Services understands the unique security needs of diplomatic posts, international embassies and the residences of foreign dignitaries.

Protective Services offers specialised diplomatic security in collaboration with government agencies.

A number of the Protective Services team are former diplomatic protection officers who have many years of experience with managing consulate locations.


Film security

Our affiliate Protective Services has guarded film sets, productions and world film premieres for over a decade. Their people have also provided close personal protection (bodyguards) for film talent, film directors and industry executives.

Protective Services know that security at a film premiere or red carpet event requires an experienced security team with the operational capability to manage crowds, safeguard high-profile people and manage any emergency or security breach.

The security specialists at Protective Services understand the uniqueness of the film industry and the need for discretion, vigilance, confidentiality and professionalism.


Executive transport 

Through Protective Services, we can offer police vetted, NZTA licensed and professionally trained security drivers. Protective Services can access immaculately presented high-quality European motor vehicles.

Additionally, a number of our drivers are trained in providing executive and personal protection.

The Protective Services vehicle fleet of modern motor vehicles enables us to transport up to 12 people in style. Vehicles ranging from a V8 Mustang to 5 Series BMW’s and Mercedes Benz luxury coaches.


Retail security 

Our affiliate Protective Services provides loss prevention officers, commonly referred to as ‘store detectives’.

These security professionals work covertly in plain clothes to blend in with the environment as an ordinary shopper.

Protective Services store detectives are trained in covert surveillance and loss prevention techniques. By catching shoplifters and deterring thieves, they can save you thousands of dollars every year. 


Hospitality security

Our affiliate Protective Services is at the forefront of delivering improved security for events, venues and licensed premises (bars and night clubs) operating in the hospitality and entertainment sectors.

Their specialised crowd controllers (commonly referred to as 'bouncers') and venue security professionals have the ability to diffuse volatile situations, ensure the safety of patrons and effectively communicate with people at every level.