Our process servers (legal document servers) in Wellington and throughout New Zealand have decades of experience serving legal documents, court proceedings and dissolution of marriage applications along with summonses, demand notices, eviction notices and time-critical documents.

A number of our process servers are also licensed by the Ministry of Justice as private investigators with the proven ability to trace and serve the most evasive defendants.

Our dedicated New Zealand court authorised process servers in Wellington and throughout New Zealand will provide you with constant communication throughout the entire process, your instructions are managed with the strictest confidence.

Dion Neill is authorised to serve court proceedings pursuant to section 25 (1) of the summary proceedings act 1957. TNG is an approved process serving agency for the service of charging documents (criminal proceedings) on behalf of government and law enforcement agencies. 

With time sensitive legal documents and a fast approaching court deadline, you need a process serving team that you can rely on to get the service completed, quickly, diligently and accurately! We can help, contact us with confidence.



  • We manage the largest Wellington and nationwide network of process servers who will serve your documents professionally
  • We abide by the New Zealand courts rules of service and will serve your documents to the defendant or recipient in the correct manner
  • We will serve your legal documents anywhere in Wellington, New Zealand or worldwide using an extensive network of process servers
  • We provide you with a regional based team of diligent, competent and highly-skilled process servers with exceptional local knowledge
  • We provide the most competitive fee structure in the market on a nationwide basis with a fee reduction for large volumes of process serving assignments

With the very latest technology, clients monitor every step of the service process live from the field. Our software provides clients with accurate reporting and transparency across all document and legal process serving activities.



Cant locate your debtor or defendant? We can help! We operate a network of licensed private investigators with experience successfully locating missing people. Our industry leading methodologies and unbeatable experience allows us implement appropriate tracing methods to obtain current information to assist with service of legal documents or debt collection efforts.






Experience matters, Dion Neill served his first legal document in 1987! Our high success rate combined with our robust processes and the very latest process serving software ensures we remain a formidable competitor for process serving throughout New Zealand.

A process server is an individual who serves legal process, court proceedings, dissolution of marriage (divorce) applications and other New Zealand or international legal documents. The courts in New Zealand require an individual named in the court proceedings to be personally served by a process server.

Our process servers deliver a diverse range of legal documents that often require an individual to attend a court hearing. The document serving team at TNG are ready to take on any challenge and work assiduously to deliver your documents on time and professionally with integrity.

Our trained and highly-experienced process servers (legal document servers) in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and every region of New Zealand will professionally serve your court proceedings, dissolution of marriage (divorce) applications and international legal process, including:

  • District Court Documents
  • Family Court Documents
  • High Court Documents
  • Employment Court Documents
  • Child Custody Orders
  • Tenancy Eviction Notices
  • Dissolution of Marriage Applications
  • Family Protection Orders
  • Court Summonses
  • Bankruptcy Notices
  • Demand Notices
  • Trespass Notices
  • Property Law Act Notices
  • Orders for Examination
  • Charging Documents
  • International Court Subpoenas
  • Company Receivership Documents
  • Sensitive Personal or Commercial Documents