Wellington's Leading PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR & Surveillance Specialist

Are you concerned about abuse, fraud, theft, dishonesty or harassment? We can help.


We have been catching thieves, fraudsters, scammers and cheating partners throughout New Zealand since 1987! Dion Neill is Wellington's longest serving private investigator and surveillance specialist. Our team of Wellington and nationwide private investigators are qualified former detectives, police officers and intelligence specialists. They know how thieves, fraudsters and scammers think, so they know where and how to catch them. Dion has developed a unique ability to uncover the truth, seeking out the answers and providing information that is not readily available. 

We leave no stone unturned, our private investigators in Wellington and throughout New Zealand have an extensive knowledge of people, places and information caches which are regularly used during the course of investigation assignments. It is our obligation to always pursue our clients legitimate interests within the law. Unscrupulous behaviour is not worth the risk to our integrity, licence or reputation, we will always strive to promote the highest ethical standards. We have over three decades of experience investigating abuse, fraud, theft, dishonesty, harassment and everything in between. 


Sensitive personal investigations         

Is your ex-partner not respecting child custody arrangements? Are you being stalked? We carry out inquiries regarding child custody issues and sensitive domestic- related matters (e.g. a parent not adhering to a court order or carrying out harassment type activities).

Are you concerned about your child or a member of the family who is keeping bad company? We provide a range of surveillance and investigation services relating to the wellbeing of children and young people.

Our private investigators are experienced at covert operations (working undercover). Using traditional and electronic strategies, they can both physically and electronically by using socialmedia sites to detect harassment, unlawful acts, criminal activity and other types of unacceptable behaviour.

I.P. & trade mark investigations      

Our private investigators are instructed by legal firms to investigate infringement of branding, copyright and trade mark patents.

They can also look into along with the unauthorised use of logos and theft of intellectual property.

The Neill Group’s founder Dion Neill has personally carried out investigations for global companies, including: Nike, Adidas, Armani, Microsoft, Playboy and Sony PlayStation.

Don’t let others piggyback on your business success. Wherever you’re based in New Zealand or the world, we can help you to We can assist you to protect the integrity of your brand and the good reputation of your organisation.

Drug, substance & psychological abuse investigations      

Do you suspect your partner, family member or employee is consuming excessive alcohol, taking drugs or using illegal substances?

Substance abuse, including drugs and alcohol, are wellis known to be a foundation for of criminal activity and anti-social behaviour. We also investigate cyber (internet) bullying and harassment, which could be affecting you or someone you know.

If you suspect someone close to you is the victim of physical or psychological abuse? Our , our private investigators will provide the evidence to help protect youthat you need. We can also help to mitigate any risk to family members.

Health & disability insurance investigations     

In the late 1980s, Dion Neill was one of the first licensed private investigators to carry out investigation assignments for the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

Injury and disability insurance claims can amount to a substantial amount of money, which may require validation before compensation is made.

An insurance fraud investigator can assist help you to confirm the validity of insurance claims
or ito investigate a claimant who is suspected of misrepresenting the facts.

Theft, fraud & cheating partners

Unexplained loss in your business? Do you suspect fraud or theft? Investigating employee theft is best left to the professionals. Fraud or theft inside a business or organisation frequently occurs through a lack of internal processes, which opens a window of opportunity for people in positions of trusted employees to carry out acts of dishonesty.

We are experts at the detection and investigation of suspected theft, fraud or c and criminal behaviour. The evidence provided by our private investigators can be used for the basis of a complaint to the police.

Wondering how to catch a cheating partner? From suspected theft, fraud or a dishonest partner, we can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Our discreet investigations can also discover whether a partner or spouse is being disloyal. The collection of indisputable evidence is part of this service.

Surveillance operations    

The Neill Group team includes a former intelligence specialist who is highly-trained in covert surveillance operative. Our specialist has gained significant experience working in sensitive environments.

Covert surveillance is a powerful tool in criminal investigations, private
investigations, insurance investigations and the investigation of suspected infidelity (cheating partners). It can gain evidence required to secure a prosecution.

Our experience has proven that substantial evidence and intelligence is oftencan be discreetly gained from well- managed surveillance operations that have a clear goal.