We specialise in field services, process serving, private investigation and security risk management.

The Neill Group of field agents, process servers, security consultants and private investigators is founded on the experience and knowledge of founder and licence holder, Dion Neill, a former member of the defence forces and emergency services. Dion provides our clients with the benefit of 35 + years of security, investigation and risk management experience. He gained his skills and knowledge with former detectives, police officers, military personnel and intelligence officers and has been trained in every aspect of security, investigation, surveillance and risk management. Dion was certified as a fraud examiner and holds a Diploma of Security and Risk Management (Australia), along with a number of other internationally-recognised credentials. Here are some highlights from Dion’s career: 

  • In 1989, Dion famously withstood cross-examination in the High Court by the late Mike Bungay QC. His evidence resulted in over 20 convictions.
  • When ACC needed to take fraud investigation to a higher level, Dion was one of the first licensed private investigators in New Zealand they selected.
  • Dion was certified as a fraud examiner and was also awarded a Certificate in Investigation Skills by the private training establishment of the Royal New Zealand Police College. 
  • Dion was a senior manager with Group 4 Security (known globally as G4S). In this role, he was responsible for leading a national security team.
  • In the 1990s, Dion personally managed the security and personal protection for a sports team representing New Zealand in South Africa.
  • Dion was a finalist in the 2021 New Zealand Security Awards (Outstanding New Product or Service of the Year) and 2022 Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs).
Regardless of the challenge you’re facing, we have the expertise and experience to help.
Why choose us?
  • Many of our team members are sourced from the defence forces, intelligence and law enforcement sectors. 
  • Our people are vetted, police approved and government licensed; we carry out background checks prior to their engagement.
  • The Neill Group operates New Zealand's largest network of field agents, process servers and licensed private investigators.
  • Our people are widely respected for their tenacity, knowledge and commitment to providing exceptional results with a high-level of service.
  • Our operational capabilities are extensive; we manage hundreds of nationwide security, investigations and field assignments every year.
  • Dion Neill and his investigation team have solved private, commercial and criminal cases since 1987. 
  • We use technology, confidential informants and intelligence sources that are second to none.
Alliance partners

We have an established local and international network of alliance partners who are experts in the security, intelligence and investigation sectors.

Client confidentiality

Trust is an important element of our client relationships. Our agents and associates must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to deployment on any operational assignment. You can be rest assured that we are committed to protecting your privacy, identity and information at all times.

Government licensed

We comply with relevant industry legislation including the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010. We are approved by the New Zealand Police and licensed by the Ministry of Justice (Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority) as providers of security, repossession and private investigation services throughout New Zealand.

Hire a field agent, process server, private investigator, repossession agent or security professional you can trust. Our 35 + track record offers absolute peace of mind.

Document Serving 

We have been serving legal documents, court proceedings and dissolution of marriage (divorce) applications in Wellington and throughout New Zealand since 1987.

Our track record of successful document and process serving is rock solid! Our carefully vetted process servers work assiduously to serve your documents, on time, every time. 

With time-critical legal documents and a fast-approaching deadline, contact us if you need a process server to efficiently and professionally serve your documents in accordance with the rules of service. 

Field Services

Our nationwide field agents and licensed repossession agents throughout New Zealand have the ability to communicate with people at every level. 

We provide floor plan audits of motor vehicle dealerships, as well as the recovery (repossession) of secured assets for a number of lending and financial institutions. 

Our range of field services, includes: audits, field visits, asset recovery, identity verifications, dishonesty investigations, consumer risk management and mystery shopper assignments (test purchases).  

Private Investigation

Do you need to uncover fraud, theft or relationship dishonesty? Our private investigators throughout New Zealand are skilled and discreet. 

We are Wellington's longest established investigation, surveillance and intelligence gathering agency with 35 + years of extensive operational experience.  

A number of our licensed private investigators and suveillance specialists are qualified former police detectives who are proficient at investigating fraud, theft, stalkers, scammers and relationship dishonesty.