trained Medics

We have a strategic alliance with Medic 1 for trained medics and event medical services.

Medic 1 was established to meet increasing demand for trained medics with frontline experience (including former nurses and ambulance officers). Do you need a trained medic for your event or private function? When a volunteer with a first aid certificate is not enough, contact Medic 1.  

Event Medical Services

The majority of Medic 1 staff deployed at your event are likely to be first responders who are trained to provide high standards of emergency care. We believe this level of training is vital to be able to properly differentiate between patients who may be treated on site from patients who require more intensive care and transport to hospital.

Medic 1 ensures that all of our people are properly trained and qualified. Medic 1 provide medics wear a distinctive uniform, which includes high visibility shirt and safety vest. The presence of Medic 1 can help to reassure your staff, spectators, participants and the public by being on-site to provide essential first aid and emergency care.

Medic 1 does not provide registered paramedics or patient transport services. Contact Medic 1 to book a trained and qualified medic  for your next event or private function to ensure your first aid and patient care obligations are met. If you need a service that's not available on the Medic 1 website, complete the contact page on the Medic 1 website for assistance. 

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