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If you are looking for a licensed private investigator in Wellington, New Zealand, you have come to the right site.


Dion Neill and his team are experts in a wide range of private investigative services, infidelity investigations (cheating partners), the search for missing debtors or family members and the investigation of dishonesty offences. Dion Neill is Wellington's longest established private investigator and surveillance specialist. 

Do you have a problem or situation that discreet surveillance or a private investigation could solve? Dion Neill and his associates has over 30 years of real experience investigating a wide range of private and commercial issues. 

A number of Dion's associates throughout New Zealand are qualified former detectives, senior police officers and government intelligence specialists. The Neill Group's nationwide network of licensed private investigators know how thieves, cheaters, fraudsters and scammers think, so they know how to catch them.

It’s not by chance that some of New Zealand's largest organisations, government agencies and high profile individuals have trusted us to help them with complex matters and difficult situations. We approach each assignment with a balanced, level headed approach and focus our efforts on the desired objective. We are responsible for countless arrests and criminal convictions from workplace theft and complex fraud assignments to online harassment, industrial sabotage and everything in between. 

Private individuals employ our services because they need evidence and most importantly, peace of mind. Clients also come to us when the police cannot help or other agencies are unable to assist.  We have over three decades of experience as licensed private investigators, we manage covert surveillance, undercover operations and gather intelligence to gather evidence for legal cases, prosecutions or to prove a criminal act has been committed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed as private investigator in New Zealand?

The Neill Group is the trading name for Dion Neill who is a licensed private investigator in Wellington, New Zealand. Dion has been licensed by the Ministry of Justice (PSPLA) as a private investigator and security professional since 1987.

Do you provide a nationwide service? 

We are based in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. We operate the largest nationwide network of field agents, process servers (legal document servers) and private investigators in every region of New Zealand. 

Will my assignment be confidential?

We do not discuss your case with any other individual or organisation. We value client privacy and always adhere to the privacy act and related legislation.

We operate the largest network of field agents, private investigators, security professionals and process servers (legal document servers) in New Zealand, with services from Kaitaia to Bluff. We also have an extensive global network of contacts, resources and confidential informants to provide solutions to particularly complex problems. Using our significant knowledge of people, locations, information and organisations caches, we are able to conduct discreet field assignments and private investigations.

We leave no stone unturned, we have a high success rate in locating missing debtors, defendants and family members. Our tracing sources and network of confidential informants extend beyond New Zealand. We have traced people throughout New Zealand and worldwide. We have been catching dishonest people, including deceptive partners throughout New Zealand since 1987.

Can I trust a private investigator?

Yes, we are one of the most trusted private investigators in Wellington, we have a well earned reputation that spans over three decades. Please visit our testimonials page or Google us. You will see that Dion Neill and The Neill Group are authentic, professional and service-focused.

Unfortunately, not all private investigators in Wellington are equal, we urge you to act with caution and ask your private investigator for proof of their credentials, qualifications and relevant experience. In New Zealand, all security providers and private investigators must be licensed by the Ministry of Justice (Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority).

Your private investigator must produce his PI licence on demand (a certificate of approval is not a PI licence). If you are in doubt, please contact the Ministry of Justice (PSPLA) or visit the New Zealand security providers and private investigators public register online at PSPLA.

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator in Wellington? 

Our fees vary depending on the nature and length of the assignment. A standard industry rate for private investigation services varies from $80.00 to $160.00 per hour, plus GST. You will receive an accurate quotation and estimation of the time, mileage and resources involved. Occasionally, we need to engage another private investigator or surveillance specialist.

We have online payment facilities or you can pay your invoice by direct credit. 

Can you give me access to text messages and mobile phone records?

No, we cannot provide this information to you. We use various sources to collect intelligence and information, leave it to us. 

Can you access credit, court and criminal records?

No, due to privacy restraints, we cannot provide this information to you. Individual credit, court and criminal history can only be obtained by the person concerned or by completion of a privacy waiver that allows a third party to receive the information. We carry out pre-employment checks and staff vetting, consent is usually provided by the employee or prospective applicant. 


Commercial & Private Investigations

We offer commercial clients a comprehensive investigation service to gather evidence and safeguard their business interests.

Our modern technology, advanced  investigative techniques and formidable experience enable us to take on every type of investigation assignment.  

As a client, you are our first priority and recovering losses on your behalf is one of our key objectives. We obtain factual information and evidential statements from offenders, witnesses and people of interest. 

An experienced financial fraud investigator or commercial investigator can assist you with any concern, including criminal activity and misconduct cases.

We investigate with professionalism to keep your people, assets and reputation safe.

New Zealand & Worldwide Tracing Services 

We use proven investigative techniques, including data mining to gather information on the whereabouts of a missing (or hiding) person.

Depending on how much information you have, and how long the person of interest has been gone, tracing a missing person can happen much faster than you think.

Of course, some assignments are more challenging. When a missing persons case is not a simple database job, it may take significantly more effort to locate them.

We have a solid track record of successfully locating people anywhere in New Zealand and internationally.

We assist charities and volunteer social agencies on a pro bono basis to trace birth parents and family members. 

Drug, Substance & Psychological Abuse Investigations

Do you suspect your partner, family member or employee is consuming excessive alcohol, taking drugs or using illegal substances?

Substance abuse, including drugs and alcohol known to be a foundation of criminal activity and anti-social behaviour. 

We also investigate cyber (internet) bullying and harassment which could be effecting you or someone you know. 

If you suspect someone close to you is the victim of physical or psychological abuse our private investigators will provide the evidence you need.

We can also help to mitigate any risk to family members. 

Health & Disability Insurance Claim Investigations

In the late 1980s, Dion Neill was one of the first private investigators in New Zealand to carry out investigation assignments on behalf of the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

Injury and disability insurance claims can amount to a substantial amount of money which may require validation before compensation is made.

An insurance investigator can help you to confirm the validity of insurance claims or to investigate a claimant who is suspected of misrepresenting the facts.

Our surveillance operatives and intelligence specialists are experienced with these types of investigations. 

Theft, Fraud & Dishonesty Investigations

Unexplained loss in your business? Do you suspect theft, fraud or other criminal offending? Investigating dishonesty, including staff theft is best left with the professionals. 

Fraud or theft inside a business or organisation frequently occurs through a lack of internal processes, which opens a window of opportunity for trusted staff to carry out acts of dishonesty.

We are experts at the detection and investigation of suspected theft, fraud and criminal behaviour. The evidence provided by our private investigators are often used for the basis of a complaint to police.

Wondering how to catch a thief in your business or workplace? We have a lengthy track record of catching offenders. We can provide indisputable evidence for a criminal prosecution or civil legal case.   

Static & Mobile Covert Surveillance Operations

The Neill Group team includes a former government intelligence specialist who is highly-trained in surveillance. Our specialist has gained significant experience working in complex and sensitive environments.

Covert surveillance is a common element in criminal investigations, private investigations, insurance investigations and the investigation of infidelity (suspected cheating partners).

Surveillance can gain evidence required for a family court case, criminal prosecution or to record the activities of a spouse or partner. 

Our experience has proven that sustancial eveidence and intelligence can be discreetly gained from well-managed surveillance operations that have a clear goal.