A visit to your client or debtor by a professional field agent is an effective method to ensure compliance of legal and contractual obligations. We provide a range of field services from auditing floor plans, recovering assets, verifying financial information and the investigation of theft, fraud and other offences.


Why us?

  • We have a team of field agents, licensed repossession agents and licensed private investigators who are experienced in providing a range of field services.
  • Our field agents will make discreet area inquiries to confirm if your client or debtor has left the address and confirm with the current occupants if a forwarding address is known.
  • Our field agent will attend the provided address to confirm residency and discuss payment arrangements or interview occupants thereat who may be able to provide a forwarding address for the subject and to re-establish lines of communication.

We carry out commercial evictions when the property owner or landlord has the legal right to re-enter a premises as a result of arrears on a commercial rental or lease agreement. Commercial evictions will only be carried out when the legal right to enter has been confirmed, this also applies to company liquidations and insolvency issues.


Field Visits 

A key to our success is a structured process utilizing professional field agents who are highly experienced and commercially astute with the proven ability to communicate with people at every level. We are engaged to assist organisations in the field to interact with people who respond best to a personal field visit, including people with addiction or mental health issues.

This group of people often include those with difficulties understanding English, literacy or learning issues. We have worked in sensitive environments that require additional care because of potential brand or reputation damage.



Asset Tracing & Recovery 

From private aircraft, fishing boats and industrial equipment to spa pools, EFTPOS machines and hidden valuables, we have over three decades of experience locating and repossessing assets, chattels and motor vehicles. We will not repossess consumer goods or personal property that used as security on a personal loan or finance agreement.