A personal visit by a professional field agent is a proven method of ensuring compliance with legal and contractual obligations. 


The Neill Group provides a range of Wellington and nationwide field based services, including audits, field visits, repossessions, asset recoveries and private investigations. We are licensed in New Zealand by the Ministry of Justice (Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority) as private investigators and repossession agents. We have been engaged by commercial clients and government agencies to recover hidden assets.

What do we do? 

  • We trace absconded debtors, negotiate payment arrangements, repossess motor vehicles and locate hidden assets.
  • We operate New Zealand's largest network of field agents, process servers, repossession agents and private investigators.
  • We work in sensitive environments that require diplomacy and care because of potential brand, company or reputation damage.
  • We carry out commercial evictions when the property owner has the legal right to re-enter a premises or execute a legal warrant.
  • We have the best licensed private investigators with the proven capability to detect identity theft, fraud and other acts of dishonesty.


Worldwide Tracing Services

We have a solid track record of successfully locating people anywhere in New Zealand and internationally.

We use proven tracing techniques based on recognised best practice, including data mining to gather information on the whereabouts of a missing person.

Depending on how much information you have, and how long the person has been gone, tracing a missing person can happen much faster than you may think.

Our experience has shown us that some assignments are more challenging than others. When a missing persons case is not a simple database job, it may take significantly more effort to locate them.

Since the 1980s, we have assisted social agencies and community organisations on a pro bono basis to trace birth parents and missing family members. 

Tracing missing people for family's is one of the most rewarding assignments for a private investigator. 


We ensure that assets and motor vehicles sold through motor vehicle dealerships are compliant with the manufacturers’ documentation, including VIN details.

Our network of agents  visit motor vehicle dealerships and carry out a physical audit process to provide confirm the condition and location of stock. 


In some cases your client or debtor cannot be contacted by telephone with emails, letters and voicemail messages often being ignored. The most appropriate action is a personal visit from one of our field agents.

Visits by our Agents can result in the discovery or confirmation of the customer, property and motor vehicle ownership and contact information such as work number, address, email address are updated.

 We have experience interacting safely with people who respond best to a personal visit, including those with mental health and addiction issues.

We provide floorplan audits of motor vehicle dealerships sighting the secured assets, collecting data (serial and model numbers) and if necessary, taking photographic evidence.

As well as the assessment of assets for major banks and financial institutions. we carry out field visits to confirm addresses, serve legal documents, negotiate payment arrangements and to inspect secured assets. 

Third party assignments

The Neill Group acts on behalf of a number of New Zealand insurance companies to assist in the recovery of debts from individuals deemed to be liable for a loss.

We combine  desktop searches with covert surveillance and our extensive field agent network, we can locate, interview and complete all related inquiries to assist insurers in the recovery of losses incurred.

Our field services are often used to locate people involved in a motor vehicle crash who are not insured. We can interview the third party and negotiate a payment arrangement on your behalf.

Mystery shoppers

Our mystery shopper programme helps to uncover shortfalls in your cutomer service and identifies potential risk, including unexplained loss and theft.

We will visit your retail premises and carry out a transaction to gauge how your staff interact. We will report our finding to you, including identification of any areas to improve or further staff training required.

Our mystery shopper programme assists to identify the area where your staff performed well. This information can be used as the basis for rewards and incentives.

Asset recoveries

When you need a reliable repossession agent The Neill Group will help recover your assets and property. We ensure all legal obligations have been met for the repossession and work in accordance with the Credit (Repossession) Act 1997.

We can manage the process from the moment you supply the documentation. We can project manage the use of motor vehicle transporters and trades people. We can provide you with an inventory of assets and delivery to a secure destination.

We are approved and authorised repossession agents for MTF (Motor Trade Finance). We are licensed as repossession agents by the Ministry of Justice - Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA).