The Neill Group's licensed private investigators specialise in covert surveillance, undercover operations and intelligence gathering.

Carry out covert surveillance is the art of following and observing an individual or group who are suspected of something (e.g. infidelity, dishonesty or criminal act). In virtually every case it is vital the people concerned are not aware they are under surveillance. Discretion and confidentiality are important to us. The Neill Group was founded on the experience of Dion Neill with over 35 years of investigation and surveillance experience.

Our surveillance team are qualified former detectives, police officers and intelligence operatives who are professionally trained in surveillance (static and mobile). The Neill Group works alongside the best team of surveillance specialists who are trained as true surveillance experts. We have a customised surveillance vehicle with full recording capabilities based on industry recognised best practice. Our covert cameras are the latest technology, evidence from our cameras are used in civil and criminal matters.

Why choose surveillance? 

Surveillance is often used to obtain vital evidence, locate assets, identify people and to covertly observe activities of an individual or group. Surveillance is a tool that is also used for intelligence gathering in a legal matter. Surveillance can be on foot, mobile in a motor vehicle or a more covert (undercover) method. The type and location of assignments often dictates the most appropriate method of surveillance by a private investigator. 

We have over three decades of experience working in complex and sensitive environments. We only deploy trained, experienced and licensed private investigators who know how to observe people covertly. Our private investigators and surveillance specialists have an excellent working knowledge of our privacy laws and requirements, we ensure all surveillance and undercover operations comply with our legislative requirements.

Are you worried about your child or young person? The first step in helping your children is finding out the facts. We want to help your family, children and teenagers stay safe. If you are concerned about where your young people go and who their friends are, talk to us. Our private investigators can find out where your children go and who their friends are. We ensure your child's safety and welfare is a priority. Whether you have business, commercial or relationship concerns. We have the tools and resources necessary to resolve your issues.