Protective Services (Operated by The Neill Group) provides nationwide security and risk management solutions to protect assets, people and reputations.

Protective Services utilises a network of experienced security professionals, risk management consultants and personal protection specialists across every region of New Zealand. 

Protective Services offers private, commercial and governmental clients with a level of security and protection beyond the capability of a typical New Zealand security guard.

Protective Services operates a strategic nationwide network of highly-trained and internationally experienced security specialists in every district and region of New Zealand.

As one of New Zealand’s most experienced specialised security and risk management providers, Protective Services takes pride in protecting the safety, security and well being of it’s clients.

Protective Services facilitates the deployment of internationally experienced and highly skilled personal protection officers (bodyguards). Our team of specialists are trained to manage any risk associated with the threat of abduction, kidnapping, physical assault or predatory type behaviour by an individual or group.

Our people are assigned to protect the safety and security of VIPs, entertainers, corporate executives, sports teams, film talent and visiting international celebrities. Protective Services has been widely recognised as one of the most professional providers of private security and personal protection in New Zealand!

Guardian Protection Programme 

Protective Services provides a rapid response to manage any risk associated with the threat of abduction, kidnapping, physical assault or predatory type behaviour. The guardian protection programme has proven to be increasingly popular to high-net worth individuals, tourists, overseas delegations, executives, international students and people visiting New Zealand from all over the world.

Protective Services has been delivering security and guarding solutions for over three decades. The difference between a security guard company and Protective Services is the caliber of the security professionals that we engage. Whether your security requirement are within New Zealand or internationally, we have the expertise to provide you with a level of security equal to New Zealand’s highly trained police and military units.

Contact us in confidence to discuss your security requirements, from security guards and personal protection officers (bodyguards) to risk management consultants, we can help. For more information on professional security and personal protection in New Zealand or worldwide, please click here to visit the website of Protective Services 


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