Safety, Security & Risk

We can help to keep you safe with qualified safety advisors, security consultants and risk management specialists in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and throughout New Zealand.

We mitigate risk and manage threats to you or your organisation.

  • Safety audits and security reviews
  • Risk mitigation and management
  • Pre-employment vetting and background checks
  • Workplace health and safety compliance
  • CCTV systems and electronic surveillance
  • Loss prevention and security penetration testing 
  • Training on personal safety, security and defence tactics 

Are you seeking a security guard, event security team or loss prevention officers (also known as 'store detectives') ? We assist clients by facilitating an introduction with New Zealand's leading security guard providers in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. Our network of carefully vetted and government licensed security guard providers extends from Kaitaia to Bluff, we proactively engage with security consultants and reputable security professionals throughout New Zealand. 

Security Risk Management

Our licensed security consultants will review your security procedures and risk management processes, we can identify any risk or threats to you and your organisation. We have many years of experience developing a robust security framework to assist in mitigating and managing risk. We have immediate access to the most qualified consultants in New Zealand to provide independent advice. 

Personal Safety & Specialised Security 

We have managed complex investigations and security assignments, such as  disgruntled staff carrying out criminal acts or other antisocial behaviour that impacts on your brand and reputation. We have the expertise to identify and mitigate potential risk to your people, business or organisation. While we’re based in New Zealand, we have the proven operational capability to work anywhere in the world.