Dion Neill and his carefully selected associates will keep you safe with the best independent security professionals in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and throughout New Zealand.

A true security professional you can trust.

Dion Neill has been protecting brands and people since 1987. He has worked in the world's most volatile regions including Asia and South Africa. He was a finalist for the 2022 Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) and 2021 New Zealand Security Industry Awards. Along with The Neill Group (TNG), Dion owned and operated Protective Services Limited from 2001 to 2021 (acquired by P4G Security in 2021). 


Dion and his associates at The Neill Group (TNG) provide quality security consulting and risk management services to the film and entertainment sectors. This includes event security throughout New Zealand and if required, internationally. Whether you need security for a public event, private function or corporate meeting, Dion can develop a robust security and risk management strategy based on industry recognised best practice. 

Dion's experience is vast, including the security and risk management of large events (over 40,000 people), corporate meetings and exclusive private functions for A24, Apple, Antipodes and Village Roadshow. He's also managed large event security teams on behalf of reputable security guarding providers throughout New Zealand, including: Red Badge, First Contact, Recon Security (Allied Security) and Platform 4 Group (P4G Security).

Introducing PROSEC

Dion Neill is an executive member of PROSEC, New Zealand's only network of independent security professionals (not security guards or a guarding company). The PROSEC range of private security and protection services go beyond those offered by standard security companies. PROSEC members are selected exclusively from the defence forces and law enforcement sector. PROSEC members don't include security guards or security guard providers.


  • PROSEC members are located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.  
  • More than security guards - PROSEC works a high-level to provide security beyond the capability of a typical security guard.  
  • PROSEC is invitation only - membership of the PROSEC network is by invitation only.

PROSEC services

  • Professional security - corporate functions, embassy or diplomatic needs, film and television.
  • Executive protection - Discreet executive care and close personal protection throughout New Zealand or worldwide.
  • Risk management - Personal safety and security consultancy to protect your people, your business and your brand.
A customised approach to event security and risk management

Event security is more than hiring security guards for an event. It requires a considered multi-layered approach to security planning and risk management to effectively safeguard guests, assets and the venue. We provide every client with customised high visibility or a more discreet approach. Our experience has shown that event have a unique requirement, including medics, static guards, crowd controllers and safety officers.

If you are seeking more than a typical security guard or security guarding service, we recommend contacting the PROSEC network of New Zealand security professionals. The members of PROSEC are committed to providing high-level security, personal protection and risk management beyond the capability of a security guard. To learn more about ROSEC in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, click here to visit PROSEC online.

Elite security, personal protection and risk management 

  • PROSEC is a network of independent security professionals sourced exclusively from the defence forces and law enforcement sector.
  • PROSEC provides a reliable security solution for your next event or for the protection.
  • PROSEC are experts in personal protection for high profile individuals or a rapid response to any threat.
  • PROSEC members act swiftly, with discretion and utmost respect for to safeguard the privacy of clients anywhere in New Zealand.
  • PROSEC members provide bespoke security to support individuals and organisations in managing threats, violence and harassment.