Professional surveillance and private investigations by Wellington's most experienced private investigators!


Wellington's most experienced private investigators are also New Zealand's leading surveillance experts! Our surveillance specialists work across the greater Wellington region and throughout New Zealand. Our surveillance specialist is a licensed private investigator who is trained in covert surveillance and undercover operations for private, commercial and government clients.

Why use The Neill Group for surveillance?

We have over three decades of experience working in complex and sensitive environments. We only deploy trained, experienced and licensed private investigators who know how to follow and observe people covertly. Our private investigation team in Wellington and throughout New Zealand conduct surveillance assignments with integrity and professionalism. Our private investigators and surveillance specialists have an excellent working knowledge of our privacy laws and requirements, we ensure all surveillance and undercover operations comply with our legislative requirements. 

We investigate cheating spouses and partners! Do you suspect your spouse or partner is being unfaithful or dishonest in your relationship?  

If you’re suspicious your spouse or partner is being unfaithful, don't ignore it. We can help. Relationship dishonesty is on the increase since the introduction of the internet and online dating (adult chat sites). Our licensed private investigators in Wellington and throughout New Zealand will follow your spouse or partner from a safe distance to confirm their movements and who they are meeting. We facilitate discreet covert surveillance and private investigation services to give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

Child welfare surveillance 

Are you worried about your children, but don’t know what to do? The first step in helping your children is finding out the facts. We want to help your family and teenagers stay safe. If you are concerned about where your young people go and who their friends are, talk to us. Our private investigators can find out where your children go and who their friends are. We’ll be careful to make sure your children, the privacy and safety of your children will be our priority. 

Surveillance is a powerful tool that helps provide the answers: 

  • Is your spouse or partner being dishonest? 
  • Who is socialising with your children or young people?
  • Concerned about being followed? Are you being stalked? 
  • Are you concerned about your children’s friends or their social activities?
  • Is your child's needs and welfare being met? (surveillance is used for family court and child custody related matters)

Surveillance is also used to assist with:

  • Identifying offenders who steal or cause damage to your property
  • Prove fraudulent insurance claims (health, medical and disability)
  • To verify a defendants address or location prior to the service of legal proceedings
  • Obtain critical evidence to prove criminal offending that may lead to a prosecution

Are you seeking peace of mind or need to know the facts? Contact us now for a confidential consultation.