Are you searching for a professional, cost-effective and licensed private investigator in Wellington or New Zealand? We can help.


Dion Neill and his team have been identifying and investigating abusers, scammers, thieves, fraudsters and deceptive partners since 1987 in Wellington and across New Zealand. The Neill Group has a unique ability to seek out information and find the answers to complex issues. Our private investigators (often referred to as PI's, private eyes or private detectives) have a vast knowledge of New Zealand places, organisations and information caches which are regularly of use in conducting investigations and related inquiry work.

Our investigation team includes respected private investigators in Wellington and across every region of New Zealand who are qualified former detectives, senior police officers and government intelligence specialists. They know how cheats, thieves and fraudsters think, so they know where and how to catch them.

Is your spouse or partner being unfaithful?

If you are serious about finding out if your spouse or partner is being unfaithful in your relationship, we suggest you employ a reputable licensed private investigator. Did you know that according to research, more than 25% of adults in New Zealand have cheated on their partners, and approximately 15% have had a long-term affair. The stakes are high when you’re in a personal relationship and trust is compromised. Never rely on your instinct or just a "gut feeling", if you want to navigate this difficult and emotional situation with clarity and certainty, employ a reputable private investigator to uncover the facts, deliver the evidence and give you peace of mind.

Do you need to uncover abuse, fraud, theft, harassment or relationship dishonesty? Our Wellington and nationwide private investigators are discreet, effective and highly experienced.


Founder and licence holder, Dion Neill is one of Wellington's longest established private investigators, he is a former certified fraud examiner. Since 1987, Dion contracted as a process server, private investigator and surveillance operative. Dion was a director and co-founder of Wellington Investigations Limited before establishing The Neill Group. Our Wellington based private investigators are recognised experts in tracing, investigations, surveillance, intelligence gathering and covert (undercover) operations.

We take pride in delivering our private, commercial and government clients precisely what they need, in the manner in which they most need it. With this in mind, we have developed a methodical and meticulous set of processes which we follow on every investigation assignment. Not only does hiring a qualified and licensed private investigator lessen the likelihood of evidence being dismissed in court or legal proceedings, but in most cases, reputable licensed private investigators can also give evidence in your favour.

We have assisted hundreds of clients throughout New Zealand and worldwide to find the answers they are seeking, we are happy to do the same for you. We urge you to safeguard your reputation and say "NO" to industry cowboys! Is your private investigator qualified and licensed? Do they have the right credentials and experience to provide an ethical and professional investigation service?

Unfortunately, the investigation and security industry continues to attract unqualified and undesirable people (some with past criminal convictions). To check if your security provider or private investigator is licensed, click here to visit the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA) website. Please note: Dion Neill and The Neill Group are not associated with Reon Viles or Wellington Investigations 2013 Limited. 

Why us?

  • We are committed to being ethical, discreet and respecting client confidentiality at all times
  • Our licensed private investigators utilise the latest investigation tools to deliver the best results
  • We provide legally admissible evidence and have appeared in New Zealand Courts as expert witnesses 
  • Don't employ cowboys! Unlike some of our competitors, our investigators are qualified and experienced
  • We have an impressive track record of achieving positive results for our clients regardless of size or stature
  • A number of our licensed private investigators in Wellington and throughout New Zealand are former detectives
  • We use a proven investigation process to bring relationship dishonesty to your attention discreetly and efficiently

We locate missing people - worldwide tracing services 

We use proven investigative techniques, including data mining, to gather information on the whereabouts of a missing (or hiding) person. Depending on how much information you have, and how long the person of interest has been gone, tracing a missing person can be much faster than you may think. Of course, some assignments are more challenging. when a missing persons case is not a simple database job, it may take significantly more effort to locate them. We have a solid track record of successfully locating people anywhere in New Zealand and internationally. We assist charities and volunteer social agencies on a pro bono basis to trace birth parents and family members.

Our team includes former detectives, police officers and intelligence specialists who are trained to understand criminal minds and think laterally.


Personal  Investigations         

Is your former spouse or partner not complying with your agreed child custody arrangements? We carry out investigations regarding custody issues and other sensitive family matters. 

Are you concerned that your child or family  member is keeping bad company? We provide a range of security and investigation services relating to the welfare of people.

Our investigators manage surveillance and undercover operations. Using electronic and traditional investigative techniques, we can help to prove relationship dishonesty, criminal activities and other types of unacceptable behaviour.

IP & Trade Mark Investigations   

Our investigators are often instructed to investigate the infringement of copyright and trade mark patents. They also research the unauthorised use of logos, brands and intellectual property (IP).

Dion Neill has personally carried out investigations on behalf of global companies, including Nike, Adidas, Armani, Microsoft, Playboy and Sony PlayStation.

Don't let others take advantage of your success. Wherever you are based in New Zealand or internationally, our investigators will assist you to protect the integrity of your brand and the reputation of your business in the market.

Harm & Abuse Investigations      

Do you suspect your staff or a family member is consuming excessive alcohol, taking drugs or illegal substances? Substance abuse, including drugs and alcohol are proven to be a foundation of anti-social behaviour. 

Are you a victim of physical or psychological abuse? Our investigators will provide the evidence that you need. We can also mitigate any risk to your personal safety.   

Are you a victim of a bully or stalker? Our investigators are experienced at investigating stalking, harassment and bullying (including cyberbullying). These situations may affect your mental health and well being. We provide a seamless nationwide investigation service. 

Insurance  Investigations     

In the 1980s, Dion was one of the first private investigators to carry out investigations on behalf of the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

Long term injury, disability and accident related insurance claims can amount to a substantial amount of money. We suggest these types of insurance claims are validated before any compensation is made.

Our qualified and experienced investigators will assist to validate claims or investigate a claimant who is suspected of misrepresenting the facts (possible fraud).

Our insurance sector investigators include fraud specialists  and surveillance operatives who are experts at investigating insurance claims anywhere in New Zealand. 

Dishonesty Investigations

Unexplained loss in your business? Do you suspect theft or fraud? Investigating employee theft is best left to the professionals.

Fraud or theft inside a business frequently occurs through a lack of internal processes and procedures, which opens a window of opportunity for trusted employees or contractors to carry out acts of dishonesty.

We are the experts at investigating dishonesty and other criminal offences. The evidence provided by our investigators is often used for the basis of a complaint to police. 

We have over 35 years of investigating relationship dishonesty. Our investigations will prove if your spouse or partner is being unfaithful. We gather indisputable evidence as part of the investigation process. 

Commercial Investigations

We offer the commercial sector a comprehensive investigation service to gather evidence, mitigate risk and safeguard their business interests.

Our proven detective skills, advanced investigative techniques and the use of modern technology enable us to take on every type of investigation assignment. 

As a client, you are our first priority and recovering losses on your behalf is one of our key objectives. We obtain factual information and evidential statements from employees, offenders, witnesses and people of interest.

We can assist you with any business or commercial issue, including dishonesty. We investigate with a high level of professionalism to keep your business and reputation safe.