Hayden Christopher James – Security Guard/Security Provider COA & Licence Cancelled (Criminal Convictions).

June 6, 2023
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Wellington security worker loses licence after complaints and Australian fraud conviction

By Ric Stevens – The Herald

Open Justice multimedia journalist, Hawke’s Bay

A security worker who engaged in “inappropriate behaviour across multiple roles”, including making threats of violence, using an alias and recently being convicted of fraud, has had his licence revoked.

Hayden James, of Wellington, held an individual private security licence and certificates of approval (COAs) as a property guard, crowd controller and personal security guard.

However, these were suspended in 2021 after complaints to the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority by the police and an anonymous informant.

They were cancelled this week after an inquiry into his conduct.

One of the allegations made by the informant was that James had set up a security business and website listing various employees, some of whom “may be fictitious”.

It was also alleged that he had been dismissed or asked to leave various security roles by employers concerned about his behaviour.

An investigation by the Complaints, Investigations and Prosecutions Unit (CIPU) at the Department of Internal Affairs made a number of findings.

It found James had breached the law by carrying out business under a trading name that was not approved by the licensing authority.

He had also been “the subject of complaints of inappropriate behaviour in multiple previous security positions”, according to a decision by the licensing authority’s deputy, Kate Lash.

Lash said CIPU had also found that he had engaged in behaviour at “the higher end of misconduct” and was not a suitable person to hold a security licence.

James initially told a case conference he would defend himself against the complaints but later changed his mind.

However, he indicated that he would consider applying for a COA again in the future.

When police filed their complaint about James in 2021, they said he had left New Zealand for Australia.

Lash said that, in January this year, he was convicted in Australia for fraud and a number of offences “for improper use of emergency call services”.

She also found that he was guilty of misconduct or gross negligence, some of it in the course of his security work.

She said the CIPU investigation had concluded that James had met the threshold for misconduct on several grounds, including making threats of violence, his use of alias names and “his use of blackmail”.

“Mr James should be aware that, if he was to apply in the future for a COA or licence, he would need to prove to the authority that he is suitable to work in security despite my findings and the disqualifying factors that apply to him,” Lash said.

She ordered that James’ COAs and licence be cancelled, effective immediately.

“Mr James must immediately return his COA identification badge to the authority. He has already returned his individual licence.”