The Neill Group provides a range of nationwide professional services, including audits, repossessions, debt negotiation, debt recovery, asset recovery and investigations.

Why us? 

  • We have a nationwide team of licensed field agents, repossession agents and private investigators from Kaitaia to Bluff, we work everywhere.
  • Our professional field agents conduct personal visits to negotiate payment arrangements or to confirm the whereabouts of absconded clients or debtors.
  • We carry out commercial evictions when the property owner has the legal right to re-enter a premises as a result of arrears on a rental or lease agreement.
  • We have decades of experience with working in sensitive environments that require diplomacy and a high degree of care because of potential brand or reputation damage.

    A personal visit by a professional field agent from The Neill Group is a proven method to ensure compliance with legal and contractual obligations.

Are you Google searching for 'field agents, repossession agents or private investigators Wellington', or 'field agents, repossession agents or private investigators New Zealand'? When looking for a field agent, process server, repossession agent or private investigator in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or anywhere else in New Zealand, we urge you to be vigilant, act with caution and safeguard your reputation.

We strongly suggest you do not rely on Google reviews, as we have proven that some of our competitors are using fabricated Google reviews to gain the trust and confidence of
prospective clients. Google reviews can be written by the same reviewer using various aliases; they can also be purchased from various marketing companies on the internet. Please note: Dion Neill and The Neill Group are not associated with Reon Viles or Wellington Investigations 2013 Limited. 

Approved field agents and process servers for:

May be an image of text that says "Credit Corp Group"                                  May be an image of text that says "P Pioneer Finance money when you need it"            Lender hobbled by lack of confidence in sector - NZ Herald        MFT Finance - Nelson Business Network

"Intercoll (DebtManagers) has a very strong relationship with The Neill Group over many years. We find them to be professional in all of their activities and I am personally impressed with their results, communication and reporting system" Mark Francis, General Manager - Intercoll (DebtManagers)

Field Visits                    

Our nationwide field agents and repossession agents have the ability to communicate with people at every level. We have experience interacting safely with people who respond best to a personal visit, including those with addiction issues.

We provide floorplan audits of motor vehicle dealerships, as well as the assessment of assets for major banks and financial institutions. We carry out field visits to confirm addresses, negotiate payment arrangements and inspect secured assets.

A number of our field agents and private investigators are former senior police officers. Their specialised knowledge and vast experience, weskills have helped us to uncover theft, fraud and other dishonesty offences.

Asset Recovery (Repossessions)

We are licensed by the Ministry of Justice - Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA) as repossession agents. 

The Neill Group are New Zealand's leading police approved and government licensed repossession agents. Since 1987, we have repossessed boats, aircraft, spa pools, motor vehicles, and commercial equipment, including EFTPOS machines.

Please note: Unlike our competitors, we only accept instructions from major banks and reputable (tier 1) financial institutions. We will not engage in any asset recovery process (field visit or actual repossession) involving household chattels or other personal property used as security on a consumer's loan or personal finance contract.