Fake Google Reviews Exposed! Wellington Private Investigators Reveals The Truth.

April 28, 2023
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Fake Google Reviews Exposed…

Wellington Private Investigators Reveals The Truth.

Are you Google searching for private investigator Wellington, private investigator Auckland, private investigator Christchurch or private investigator New Zealand?

Are you searching Google for process server Wellington, process server Auckland, process server Christchurch or process server New Zealand?

Not all private investigators and process servers in New Zealand are equal! we urge you to be vigilant, act with caution and safeguard your reputation.

Always ask to see referrals, certifications and recognised qualifications before you brief a private investigator or process server.

You can’t rely on Google reviews!

Why? we have discovered that one of our competitors in Wellington are using fabricated Google reviews to gain the trust and confidence of prospective clients. Google reviews can be written by the same reviewer using various aliases. Google reviews can also be purchased from companies on the internet.

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